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24/7 Call Center Support

Customer service and support is crucial for any organization to thrive.

Customer service and support is crucial for any organization to thrive.

  • BDI is a seasoned leader in call center and switchboard operations with a proven track record of more than 22 years. We offer comprehensive and efficient services that operate from a customer-first perspective.
  • We’ve supported a range of organizations from large government operations to small businesses. Together we can customize a program to meet your needs, from holistic outsourced call center solutions to internal recruitment and training.

Call center & switchboard services include:

  • 24/7 switchboard services
  • Outbound call centers
  • Inbound call centers
  • Customized recruitment & training
Proven to succeed

We understand the intricacies of staffing and operating 24/7 call centers, customer support centers, and inbound/outbound settings. Our agents are quick to master the fundamentals of diverse call center environments, while also representing the culture and values of the organizations they serve.


At BDI we are deeply committed to your company’s expectations. We pride ourselves on yielding positive results through professionally managed operations, superior customer service, and high retention rates for both customers and staff. 

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Reach out to learn more about the wide range of managed business services provided by BDI. We look forward to the opportunity to provide your organization with high-quality holistic solutions at competitive prices.