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“Having a disability in the workplace requires a special effort on both parties. BDI provided and continues to provide me with accommodations that has restored my confidence and comfortability in the work place. The contributions and the socialization of working again are priceless.”

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“BDI facilitates new, healthy beginnings for people with disadvantages. They gave me an opportunity to have a new, better life. They got me going again.”

Mark, Call Center
“BDI gave us hope. We didn't know where to go, or who to even ask. BDI helped us and gave us so much more.”

Charles’ Mother
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“We choose to hire BDI’s logistics training academy graduates not only to support the work that BDI does, but because the graduates arrive with a detailed understanding of logistical operations as a whole. This knowledge provides them with a solid foundation to build a career with Future Forwarding and in the logistic industry in general.”

Colin Smith, President Future Forwarding
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BDI Empowers

BDI offers a continuum of support for all ages, stages and levels of need for people with disabilities and their families.

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BDI offers a wide range of managed business services that you can trust to meet your organization’s specific needs

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