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“Whenever we have questions about different programs offered by the state, we can reach out and find somebody at BDI who can provide information or guide us in the right direction.”

Clint, McKenzie's father
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“My goal for him is to become independent and hopefully live on his own one day, at least with a roommate. We rely on BDI to keep providing us the resources we need to help Jason transition successfully to adulthood.”

Cynthia, Jason's grandmother
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“I instantly connected to the mission. Not only do I get to help the people I speak to on the phone, but I also help other employees. It shows that with a little perseverance and staying true to your goals, the impossible can be achieved.”

Juanita, Contact Center Supervisor
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"It’s been a total blessing. Bobby Dodd Institute is one of the best things that has ever happened to us."

Beth B., Sutton's Stepmother
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Ste(a)m Truck
“BDI has been instrumental in helping us get our STEAM learning materials to youth across Metro Atlanta through kitting and delivery. We look forward to deepening our partnership with BDI as we serve more students across the Southeast.”

Marsha Francis, Ph.D., Executive Director, STE(A)M Truck
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