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Georgia Community Trust


Invest in a bright future.

We work with families, individuals and professionals to ensure all financial investments are safeguarded for the future while protecting your access to important benefits.

What is a Community Trust?

The Georgia Community Trust is a pooled Special Needs Trust available to any Georgia resident with a disability. This is a specific kind of fund that offers individuals and their loved ones a vehicle to save money for the future needs of the beneficiary, without losing eligibility for public benefit programs such as Medicaid and SSI.

How can help you?
  • Managing Funds
    Expertly managed funds that protect your future.
  • Protecting Access
    Protect your access to crucial benefit programs like Medicaid and SSI
  • Expert Guidance
    Compassionate and experienced staff to guide your investment journey
  • Low Fees
    Low administrative fees and zero hidden fees
  • Nonprofit Backing
    Managed by a nonprofit with expertise in Benefits Consulting
  • Direct Access to Funds
    Provides multiple options to access funds, including Visa card, direct deposit and direct bill pay
  • Straight-Forward Withdraws
    Timely and reliable disbursements, typically within a two-day window.

Who can set up a community trust?


Regardless of your age or your child’s age or disability, planning for the future is important. The Georgia Community Trust, managed by BDI, is a way for parents to ensure that even after they are gone, they are able to provide for their children.

Created in 1997, the Georgia Community Trust allows families to provide for a person with a disability in an estate, so that they do not disqualify from public assistance. It also ensures that these funds will be safely managed and invested.


If you are living with a disability and want to ensure a comfortable future without risking your eligibility for government benefits such as Medicaid, SSI and SSDI, the Georgia Community Trust can help.
  • Small to mid-sized Social Security lump-sum, back payments
  • Small to mid-sized personal injury and medical malpractice settlements
  • Avoiding monthly spend-down in order to keep under the $1,500 Medicaid and $2,000 SSI resource requirements
  • Inheritance
For example, you might receive a large sum of money such as an inheritance, a lump sum back-payment from Social Security or a lawsuit settlement. You can place those funds in our Trust, rather than spending all of your money quickly just to stay eligible for government benefits.

If you have any questions about the Georgia Community Trust or how we can help you plan for your future, call us at 404-924-2015.


The Georgia Community Trust is the only community trust available to all residents in the State of Georgia who have a disability. Whether you are an attorney, financial planner or a provider of services to people with disabilities, we are here to assist you and your participants every step of the way.

We can meet with you and your participants wherever is most convenient – at their home or business, at your office, or at our office. Together, we’ll discuss the Georgia Community Trust and assist in preparing the paperwork to establish the trust that will best meet the needs of your participant.

"I am so relieved that with Georgia Community Trust, I can set up a savings vehicle for my son that will be well-managed and smartly-invested so that he will be provided for in the future."

Jennifer, parent of a 4 year-old with special needs

How Do I Open An Account?

Download and complete one of the GCT of BDI Joinder Agreements and return it to:

Trust Services Manager, BDI
2120 Marietta Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA 30318

First Party Trust

First Party Trust are funded with the Beneficiary’s own money, typically through personal injury settlements, SSI back-payments, inheritances, or savings accounts.

Third Party Trust

Third Party Trusts are funded with a third party’s money (ex. Parents, Grandparents, etc.), on behalf of an individual living with a disability

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Out of an abundance of caution concerning coronavirus (COVID-19) and following the guidance of the CDC, we’ve made the decision to postpone all upcoming events and close all of our administrative locations.  

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