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Disability Awareness Training

Regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation, everyone at some point in his or her lifetime can be affected directly or indirectly by a disability.
With this in mind, BDI advances efforts by businesses and communities to work toward inclusiveness. In addition to providing several resources, BDI hosts disability awareness presentations to better educate the public.

Disability Awareness Training


Disability Awareness Manual

The disability awareness manual, courtesy of SourceAmerica, it is a great tool to use in addition to the other items provided on this page. The manual includes pertinent disability statistics and fun exercises, too.

Discover more disability awareness resources

Person-Centered Practices
How to Use People-First Language
How to Write an Inclusive Diversity Statement
Glossary of Common Disabilities
Understanding Job Accommodations

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Reach out to BDI to learn more about employing people with disabilities or to receive free help and resources for disability awareness training.
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