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2024 Luminary Pure Flats – Creating High-Quality Jobs for People with Disabilities

When Greg Sample and his business partner, Scott Corley, purchased Pure Flats in 2021, they faced a critical supply chain challenge. The detailed work required to finish manufacturing the company’s flagship fishing bait, the “Slick Lure,” created a bottleneck, slowing the production process and making it difficult for Pure Flats to scale their business.

A search for a logistics partner who could efficiently address this bottleneck led Pure Flats to the Bobby Dodd Institute. BDI’s warehouse team now handles the intricate final assembly of the Pure Flats “Slick Lure,” gluing on the eyes before packaging, barcoding, and preparing the lures for shipment.

Greg and Scott, other Pure Flats distribution partners, and “Slick Lure” customers agree that working with BDI is good for business and the community. Over the past few years, Pure Flats has more than doubled its sales and increased its customer base from about 3,000 to over 5,000. At the same time, Pure Flats’ contracted work sustains high-quality jobs for people with disabilities. Pure Flats and BDI are proud partners, working together to create a product that customers love to use—not only because of its quality but because of the values it represents.

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