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BDI Participant, Shaun Harden, Seeks to Inspire Others to Simply Be Kind in New Book, “Kaleidoscope of Social Issues in America”

An autism and social phobia diagnosis couldn’t keep BDI participant Shaun Harden from achieving his dreams of becoming an author. With a love for reading—especially history books—and a heart for advocating for himself and others, he knew that his newly released book, Kaleidoscope of Social Issues in America, was a must.  

The book explores social issues currently facing America, with a specific focus on diversity and inclusion. As an individual with a disability, Shaun hopes readers not only gain a deeper understanding into what life is like for him and others like him but are also motivated to live out the golden rule—treating others as you’d like to be treated. Or as Shaun puts it, “be kind, be respectful.”  

Shaun has worked with BDI over the years to master life and communication skills to secure stable employment. It hasn’t been an easy process, Shaun admits, but it’s been a process necessary on his journey to independence and stability.  

Shaun currently works as a cook at Martins in Atlanta. When he’s not working, he turns to reading and writing for relief.  

“I am very excited for [Shaun], not only because he’s one of mine,” laughed Esther Wilson, Shaun’s BDI caseworker. “But he has a drive to succeed in spite of his challenges. He’s proof that there are abilities in disabilities.”  

His advice to individuals with disabilities looking to pursue their dreams is simple. “Don’t be afraid. Do what you’re passionate about.” 

Click here to purchase your copy of “Kaleidoscope of Social Issues in America” today. 

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COVID-19 Announcement

Bobby Dodd Institute remains committed to its mission during these uncertain times. While our administrative locations remain closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs and services endure in empowering and employing those living with disabilities.

From transitioning to virtual program delivery, incubating a new enterprise business line and ensuring the highest safety standards on work sites, we are so proud of how the efforts are impacting the individuals and families we serve.

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