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Healing through the Art of Music

Olivia had her first seizure in May 2021, which prompted her family to seek immediate medical attention. A comprehensive gene panel confirmed a lifelong diagnosis – GRIN2A gene mutation. This condition may cause a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders, including epilepsy.

Olivia, or as she prefers to be called – Olive, is now nine years old. She enjoys school and playing with her three siblings.  Most of all, Olive likes performing on stage. “She is full of life, zest, and spunk. She is a lovely person with a great heart,” as her mom, Jackie, proudly describes her.

Olivia discovered her passion for music and performing arts through one of the programs she could enroll in, thanks to the Bobby Dodd Institute (BDI) Family Support Program. When Olive’s family found out about the diagnosis, they prepared for a long journey. Looking for solid support and resources, they discovered BDI. “When I first heard about Bobby Dodd [Institute], I was in disbelief. Because when you are dealing with these types of conditions, so many things must happen. I was so excited to learn about these amazing programs,” Jackie recalls her first emotion after learning about BDI.

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