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How J&B Medical is Partnering with BDI to Redefine Employment Opportunities for Veterans 

In 2015, BDI began its partnership with J&B Medical to fulfill its call center activities with a focus on veteran hiring. Over the past six years, the partnership – which began with a modest four agents at BDI’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA – has evolved to include more than 80 representatives, a facility in College Park, GA and even work-from-home job opportunities.  

When asked about the support the employment support call center provides veterans, Stephen Shaya, M.D. – Executive Servant Leader at J&B Medical and Managing Director at Akkad Holdings – quoted Claudia Pemberton: “America without her soldiers would be like God without his angels.”

For veterans ready to enter the civilian workforce, the call center unlocks the door to new career paths and a renewed sense of independence for many of its agents. We recently had the opportunity to connect with two BDI Call Center veterans to learn more about their call center experience as well as their transition into civilian work life.  

Barry George  

Pictured: Barry George

Barry George has worked at the BDI Call Center for five years, currently serving as a team lead. A former 14S air and defense artillery, his time in service spanned three years including a tour in Afghanistan in 2014.  

“I was one of those veterans with no call center or customer service experience,” he said. “Veterans have adapted to so many different customs and changes, that it’s difficult letting the military lifestyle go. It’s even more difficult when job searching, especially when your service duties don’t translate into a civilian job. But, given the opportunity, veterans can excel in most job duties. So, it’s important to provide us employment opportunities.” 

Barry was one of the first call center hires. During his tenure, he has dedicated himself to learning the field and improving his skillset. His commitment has resulted in a number of promotions. Barry has even led the development of a lot of the call center’s current training modules, policies and veteran hiring efforts.  

Steven A. Thomas  

Pictured: Steven Thomas

Steven Thomas served in the United States Navy for six years. An experience that he says he would trade for nothing in the world, Steven worked in the Navy as an Electronics Technician, which led him to various locations around the world from San Diego, California to Dubai and many stops in between.  

Steven has worked at BDI for 2.5 years as a customer service representative, guiding customers through whatever questions and concerns they have regarding their J&B Medical orders.  

“The work is challenging and fulfilling,” he said.  

He added, “I think the importance of providing employment opportunities for veterans should be obvious to most, but it doesn’t appear to be the case at times. When hiring decisions are made, I don’t believe that veteran status is among the qualities considered. BDI and J&B Medical are actually doing the work – recruiting and hiring.”  

The BDI Call Center’s staffing and operational efforts continue to expand and grow. To learn more about call center employment opportunities, please email info@bobbydodd.org.  

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