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Aedrian’s Story

Hard work leads to more than a job – a career is discovered after gaining new skills

From his first day as a cashier at The Fresh Market, Aedrian knew he wanted to become a store manager. His natural affinity for customer service and eagerness to learn all aspects of store operations made him an outstanding employee. In less than 12 months, Aedrian was promoted to assistant front-end manager.

Aedrian’s promotion was a culmination of hard work that began when he lost a job in 2012. His struggle to find a new job was compounded by a disability that limited the use of one of his arms. Undeterred and driven to support himself and his two young daughters, Aedrian sought help from BDI. There, he learned new job skills and practiced interviewing. His employment specialist helped him identify job leads that matched his interests and skills, and that led him to The Fresh Market.

Today, Aedrian has more than a job—he has a career.

“When I learn new things or talk to people and make them smile, it keeps me going,”
— Aedrian

Aedrian’s warm smile and positive attitude are appreciated by both customers and store management. His outstanding service is frequently recognized in The Fresh Market’s customer satisfaction survey, and managers rely on him to set the tone for the front-end team.

His success at work positively impacted his personal goals as well. “I’ve got checking and savings accounts. I even set up a 401K. I can get my daughters what they need without borrowing money,” Aedrian said proudly. “I don’t have to depend on anyone else— I can support myself.”

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