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Cynthia’s Story

Client with many abilities explores re-entering the workforce after years of retirement

Cynthia came to BDI seeking employment and career supports. She had years of professional experience in the customer service/call center field, working in the banking sector and with The Coca Cola Company. Due to changes in Cynthia’s medical condition, she had to make the hard decision to retire in 2006.

After years living on her retirement (and with a degenerative visual disability), Cynthia decided that she wanted to re-enter the workforce. After meeting Cynthia, it was clear that she was not to be viewed as someone with a disability, but as a woman with so many abilities.

BDI’s Workforce Resources Team completed an assessment of her skills and discovered that, with the right supports and accommodations, Cynthia could be employed. Additionally, she could return to the field she had originally built a career around (call center services).

“Having a disability in the workplace requires a special effort on both parties. BDI provided and continues to provide me with accommodations that has restored my confidence and comfortability in the work place. The contributions and the socialization of working again are priceless.”

— Cynthia

BDI quickly recognized her talents and wanted her to be a part of the Bobby Dodd Enterprises team. She was a natural fit for a position with the J&B Call Center, given her previous professional work experience. BDI understood that to support Cynthia we could provide accommodations for her service animal (Hook) and other adaptive equipment (such as monitors, keyboard, chair, and mouse) that turned her disability into an ability to shine.

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