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Michael’s Story

Working with a BDI Benefits Consultant has made all the difference for the future of a mother and her son.

Michael began receiving services through BDI at the recommendation of an attorney to address his supplemental care needs, as well as develop a letter of intent to address his long-term needs.  Michael experienced a traumatic birth injury and experiences seizures. Michael also lives with severely limited cognitive functioning, meaning that he needs 1:1 support for all daily living functioning and activities.

As the Benefits Consultant worked with the family to develop the letter of intent, it was clear that Michael was not receiving the appropriate level of benefits.  Michael’s mother was paying thousands of dollars each year out-of-pocket for his personal care expenses, which drained her resources, and threatened his long-term security.

His mother was also experiencing declining health issues and was unsure where to turn for help and was worried what would happen to Michael if something happened to her.

Through the Benefits Consultation services Michael was assisted in receiving a Medicaid Comprehensive Waiver which provided for his individualized, round-the-clock care and enabled him to transition into a host home environment, for his long-term medical and support needs. Michael was also linked to the Georgia Community Trust to help with securing his future financial needs.

“BDI is fabulous at making me aware of what is possible for Michael.”

— Gerilyn, Michael’s Mom

Now, Michael receives the appropriate attention and his mother’s health has improved somewhat given that she is no longer his primary caretaker.  His mother also has the peace of mind knowing that her son is receiving benefits that meet his current needs and will be well-provided for in the future, particularly now that he has a Special Needs Trust and a long-term home.

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