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Roderick’s Story

BDI walks side by side with our participants and their family members to ensure their access to resources and benefits.


Roderick Peters has dreams of attending Kennesaw State University and thanks to BDI and his diligent mother, Jackie, those dreams just might become a reality.

Jackie Lunde, mother of Roderick Peters, is originally from Bogalusa, Louisiana and enjoys cooking, going to the movies and most of all caring for her family. So when she received notice from the Social Security Administration that Roderick was no longer classified as disabled and his benefits would be suspended immediately, her heart sunk.

Lost, confused and worried about her son’s future, Jackie sought help from BDI.

“BDI helped me prepare for Roderick’s SSI hearing,” she said. “The staff made sure that I knew the inner workings of Social Security and how to successfully advocate on my son’s behalf. For example, Roderick tends to score high academically, but he still struggles on the behavior adaptive side. I now know how to effectively communicate these findings.”

Jackie fully assumed the role of disability advocate. It was a tough process but through one-on-one meetings with BDI staff, she was able to take the steps necessary to outline key issues and make her voice heard. “I will always fight for him,” she said. “Regardless of the stress or workload, I’ll keep fighting.”

Because of Jackie’s will to fight, Roderick now receives the SSI benefits he so desperately needed. With Roderick’s SSI benefits reinstated, Jackie is more excited than ever for her son’s bright future.

Roderick is now able to access resources, such as professional counseling, that his family previously couldn’t afford.

“Roderick tries so hard to be the best person ever, but I know he will always need some help,” Jackie explained. “Being awarded the benefits has increased his chances of becoming as independent as possible. That’s all I really want for my son — security and independence.”

BDI helped Jackie see the bright future ahead and for that she will always be extremely grateful.

“I will always fight for him,” she said. “Regardless of the stress or workload, I’ll keep fighting.”

— Jackie, Roderick’s Mom

Now, Michael receives the appropriate attention and his mother’s health has improved somewhat given that she is no longer his primary caretaker.  His mother also has the peace of mind knowing that her son is receiving benefits that meet his current needs and will be well-provided for in the future, particularly now that he has a Special Needs Trust and a long-term home.

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COVID-19 Announcement

Bobby Dodd Institute remains committed to its mission during these uncertain times. While our administrative locations remain closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs and services endure in empowering and employing those living with disabilities.

From transitioning to virtual program delivery, incubating a new enterprise business line and ensuring the highest safety standards on work sites, we are so proud of how the efforts are impacting the individuals and families we serve.

As communities and livelihoods continue to face monumental change, BDI is here for you. To learn more about how we can help, please call 678-365-0071 or email info@bobbydodd.org. Check our website and social media accounts for the latest updates.